Misaka discovers touma memory loss fanfiction. If it wasn’t for the note in his hands, he would think he had hallucinated the entire thing. An early meeting that should not have happened. · 4 yr. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts "Heheheh. 25. Featured Characters: Todoroki Shouto, Midoriya Izuku, Uraraka Ochako, Bakugou Katsuki, Shinsou Hitoshi, Yagi Toshinori “Oh, Touma! It is so awful what the Church is trying to do!” Index cried like her heart was breaking. Facing Your Fears: AGAIN! Facing Your Fears: Alternate Reality. Academy City has announced the first ever Academy City Gladiator Tournament, it's official purpose is to help Espers realize their true potential, but is there a far more sinister reason behind the tournament? MikotoxTouma pairing. Seeing the brutal way Accelerator killed off one of the Sisters made me very sad. Tropes found in A New ROAD of Misfortune . The guy’s got a lot of heart – luckily for a young nun named Index. . The Misfortune Boy and A Certain's. The story starts with a pre-memory loss Touma, even before the canon events of the A Certain Scientific Railgun spin-off. No memory --> Misaka's and Index' first meeting memories gone (and thus Touma does not know whether he loved either of them and does not know how he should act, other than attempting to keep the memory loss secret no matter what. I mean, after everything he has been through and all the punishment he has faced both before and after is memory loss, its understandable how he would begin to think that he isn't worth it. That last response all but confirmed it for the girls. Misaka had calculated a probability of 96. Misaka Discovers Touma Memory Loss Fanfiction Overview Misaka Discovers Touma Memory Loss Fanfiction While memory lapses are inevitable, luckily, most cases of memory loss are treatable. Sogiita Gunha. love. Accelerator (一方通行 (アクセラレータ) , Ippō Tsūkō (Akuserarēta)?, lit. Streetmud: I'm glad you enjoyed their earlier reunion. And now that Touma's settled down from his angst session, he returns to his old self for a bit as he interacts with a certain pigtail Judgment girl. Hell I'll even given Mikoto and Index a break as Mikoto barely knew him before his memory loss, and Index knew him for all of two days before she murdered him. Action Hero: Touma simply kicks ass, even more now that he is being trained by an Elite of Anti . We get to see the the fallout within the system as verious sisters attempt to take her place simaltaniously, Mikoto plays over protective older sister to scare him off, and Accelorator has to deal with Last order accedently overhearing some of the sisters gossip and wanting to know what 'deep kisses' and 'electro sanchez's are. Index [LN/M] Index can only rely on her friend Touma who has always protected her along with Misaka and other friends from the Academy. Appears In. Accelerator (A Certain Magical Index) Kakine Teitoku. Meet our Male lead: a guy named Leone Jaeger with an ability she have never. She did not realize that her words were his very impetus. A new esper reached Level Five and endangering Kamijou's faction from science side. Misaka would like to have tou-san all to herself, but Misaka has come to terms with the fact that tou-san sort of, kind of, not really has a life. Misaki in Love with Toumatouma x misaka,misaka x touma,kamijou touma,touma kamijou,misaka mikoto,mikoto misaka,touma,mikoto x touma,touma x mikoto,misaka,mis. Touma's right hand is a vessel that can be used to house a greater power, and this is the main reason why Aleister and Fiamma seek Touma's right hand, not for Imagine Breaker. Your memories of your first day of school, your first kiss, attending a friend's birthday party, and your brother's graduation are all examples of episodic memories . toaru. 17 votes, 14 comments. “Misaka Chēnsupinā is here to deliver a note for Kamijou Touma replies Misaka Chēnsupinā. Touma's eyes wandered across her entire body as the water flowed down every curve. Kamijou Touma (32) Yomikawa Aiho (30) Misaka Worst (28) Misaka Imouto | Misaka Sisters (26) Index Librorum Prohibitorum (20) Yoshikawa Kikyou (19) Shirai Kuroko (18) Include Relationships Accelerator & Last Order (Toaru Majutsu no Index) (19) Accelerator/Last Order (Toaru Majutsu no Index) (12) Kamijou Touma/Misaka Mikoto (10) Misaka Mikoto . Jane’s brother. Mikoto Misaka and Touma Kamijou are ambushed by vicious monsters. Touma treats his pre amnesia state like another person who has already died. Poor Yomikawa; I really messed with her here. "I see I see. After being fatally wounded, Touma accepts his seemingly-inevitable death. Facing Your Fears: Loss. All she wanted to do was ensure Touma could rest and recover after what he went through in District 10, only to once again fail. 99 Release Date: 2017 Content Type: TV Series Synopsis: When science and sorcery clash, the result is explosive in this sequel to A Certain Magical Index from . Index [LN/M] Fanfic Fuel: The sheer size of Academy City, the number of unresolved plot threads, and the nature of Esper Index-tan Episode 2: Himegami is asked what her wish for the second season is. In a magical world filled with mages of all kinds, there are guilds to give jobs to the mages. The whole reason I'm doing this is for you to see and understand what makes up the boy known as Kamijou Touma. However, Ben wants this relationship to be special. I want to help!” Misaka 10032 questions why Touma is trying to save her, since she's just a clone and there are roughly 9000 more for her. BLoSCboy. Seriously though, there's nothing in Academy city capable of repairing the damage Misaki accidentally caused? That's a little hard to believe, given what else they've fixed. I will show you his memories, and the despair and hardship that lurks. , As a result . Misaka Mikoto's confession. Edward founds out and tries to get Bella to see that the Volturi is dangerous and not to be trusted. After losing them, he meets Mikoto who wants a duel but he refuse citing he just a Level 0 psychic. He is even afraid of killing Eve's artificial creations. Misaka and Index, who already know a bit about the boy's memory loss, begin to wonder how he is the same as he was, even without the foundation. Touma is the type that acts before he thinks. Fanfiction. For all the fanfiction I can stomach the fluff, smut, and / or romance in. Shokuhou Misaki. " "What are yo-," Touma began to say, but was cut off. sisters-arc. He is mostly involved in the events of the Magic Side and often collaborates with Necessarius as an affiliate/unofficial member of the organization. A series of oneshots of Touma and his "harem" during their childhoods. he wants to do something that will guarantee a lasting relationship with Mikoto. Season 1. " Misaka said as she stood under the shower. I want to help!” Among these students is Touma Kamijou, a high school boy with the lowest psychic rank of zero, but with a mysterious power no Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up Season 1 Episode 5 - When Kamijo springs into action to prevent Kanzaki and Stiyl from erasing Index’s memory, he learns there’s a chance that . " She ushered Touma and Last Order inside when they heard automatic gunfire again after it was quiet for a few seconds. Inside the office, Touma saw a black-haired girl with glasses tending to a young student wearing the uniform of Sakugawa Middle School with a artificial flower headband. " "Don't try and guilt me, cunt. To Aru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Discussion (Archives) To Aru. Touma reveals his memory loss during the Index Arc to Mikoto, Misaki, and unintentionally Shizuri; and later to Index. Come here. This is a story for toaru fans. This article details the various quirks of his personality as well as the relationships, whether hostile or friendly, between him and the people he has met in his adventures. She’s on the run from a sorcery society that covets the astonishing 103,000 volumes of magical knowledge stored in her memory. Thou Shalt Not Kill: Touma, as per canon. Misaka Mikoto (御坂 美琴, Misaka Mikoto) (born May 2) is one of the main heroines in Toaru Majutsu no Index and the main protagonist of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. After saving her life, the boy finds him. But this world is not prepared for Imagine Breaker and the consequences it can bring in an extremely supernatural world. Mostly dedicated to talking about favorite characters, theories, ideas as a whole on the subject as well as discussing anything else you might come up with, even fanfiction ideas. Misaka a finalement reconnue ses sentiments envers notre cher Touma. Tōma Kamijō is chased by hooligans after he stops one of them from disturbing a girl. Kamijou Touma (12) Accelerator (Toaru Majutsu no Index) (8) Aogami Pierce (7) Index Librorum Prohibitorum (7) Include Relationships Misaka Mikoto/Shirai Kuroko (9) Misaka Mikoto/Shokuhou Misaki (8) Kamijou Touma/Shokuhou Misaki (5) Hokaze Junko/Shokuhou Misaki (4) Kamijou Touma/Misaka Mikoto (3) Saten Ruiko/Uiharu Kazari (2) Misaka 10032’s eyes fluttered open, the distinct sounds of a pair of voices talking back and forth outside her hospital room roused her. Season 1 2008 - 2009TV-14. Summary. 5% that any attempt by Misaka to forcefully push Index out of the picture would result in a loss of standing in Touma eyes. Ils décide de vivre ensemble mais, cette décisions bouleversera la vie de nos protagoniste . ocstory. acertainmagicalindex. While attempting to stop the Level 6 Shift attempt on Misaka Mikoto, when Touma attempted to negate Mikoto's attack, but it was too powerful and his right arm was blown off. Therefore logic dictated that Misaka would have to "get along" with Index, if only for the time being. Among these students is Touma Kamijou, a high school boy with the lowest psychic rank of zero, but with a mysterious power no Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up Season 1 Episode 5 - When Kamijo springs into action to prevent Kanzaki and Stiyl from erasing Index’s memory, he learns there’s a chance that . Accelerator appears as a skinny teen and has . Touma had most definitely lost his memory. In reality he was trying save him as the girl is Level 5 Psychic Mikoto Misaka, who can control and generate electricity. and in memory, to sleep by asylumsession [Teen] [CH 1 – 3 Complete] [word count: 4,501] Features: [M x M] Shouto x Izuku, Hurt / Comfort, Memory Loss. Misaka 10777 is pretty happy with the indirect compliment and the necklace. And now we get a 4 part fanfiction. "So, it's true," Mikoto whispered, heartbroken, "you did lose your memory. She became part of their coven and finds a new found love with Alec. A certain Magical index: Into The. Chapters: 10 /10. 3K 90 24. Heaven Canceller (冥土帰し(ヘヴンキャンセラー), Meido Gaeshi (Hevun Kyanserā)?, lit. Kamijou Touma (上条 当麻, Kamijō Tōma?) is the main protagonist of the Toaru Majutsu no Index series and also the important character inToaru Majutsu no Claves. "Touma, you look cold. Misaka Imouto wanted to prevent that boy from clashing with Accelerator. Now there are two Misaka Mikotos running amok surrounding Touma with their tsundere-ness. Due to various circumstances, she was for the moment, a semi-permanent resident of the District 7 hospital, under the care of a certain frog faced doctor alongside nine other of her sisters as he worked to adjust their bodies and allow them to gain back . It honestly made everything he did even more impressive. # 2. Apr 11, 2020. Same as above for Mikoto. And the Misaki as well the only person who would have any real acknowledgable authority speaks up to makes sure Touma wouldn't be going in without the info he needs. "One-Way Road") is the name used to refer to the 1st-ranked Level 5, the strongest esper currently residing in Academy City. Misaki Shokouhou is an anti-hero in the anime series A Certain Scientific Railgun serving as an antagonist of the series until the A Certain Scientific Railgun T where she serves as the deuteragonist of the season. He possesses the mysterious "Imagine Breaker" in his right hand, which is capable of negating all forms of magic, esper powers, and other divine abilities. I want to help!” Kamijou Touma is the main protagonist of Toaru Majutsu no Index, and so much of the narrative is dedicated to his point-of-view. Scene from Episode 3 of Toaru Majutsu no Index III-----Copyright Notice: No copyright infringement intende. Fanfic high Scholl DxD A Certain Scientific Omnitrix: Book 3, Magical Warfare. Their talk afterwards only cemented his view as he heard about how he had fought her several times and just blocked everything she had. Everyone Touma generally hung out with were morons. # 5. When her cat licks her, causing her to smile. As of chapter 120, the Parameter List was emailed to every citizen in Academy City. Misaka 10032’s eyes fluttered open, the distinct sounds of a pair of voices talking back and forth outside her hospital room roused her. Part of me feels like there are many 'people' who would be interesting to see Touma interact with, with Orion being one of those: someone who is like him . Episodic memory is a category of long-term memory that involves the recollection of specific events, situations, and experiences. He can never just sit around upon seeing . Irradiance said: As we currently see in the anime Gunha fought Level 6 shift Misaka quite equally for a while. ago. 2. Featured Characters: Todoroki Shouto, Midoriya Izuku, Uraraka Ochako, Bakugou Katsuki, Shinsou Hitoshi, Yagi Toshinori Academy City. A month after the end of Vento of the Front's intrusion into the academic city, a new series of event followed. +10 more. It's unclear if Touma really knew more before his memory loss, so maybe he has something besides the dragons and the invisible thing. Kamijou instantly put his arms around the little Nun; he still did not really remember her, but he knew he wanted to protect her. Shokuhou will indeed be involved soon, though not quite yet. As she navigates life through the city, Mikoto finds her beliefs becoming increasingly challenged. She heals his body and restores his world instead of hers. Finally got around to reading it, and Misaki is best Tokiwadai girl -_-. Strange. " "Misaka wouldn't do anything of the sort~. 6K 438 18. It's the 3rd day of the Daihaseisai, and Mikoto and Ben finally have established themselves as a dating couple. (an older work of mine form high school that I'm reviving) Language: English. But her useless, messed-up body wouldn't move normally, so still lying on the gravel, she continued to plead with him to stop him from entering. He was just going alone with whatever they said, faking being okay for everyone else's sake. A story of Misaka trying to rediscover her past and connection with Kamijou. Edward left and Bella was in the woods when the volturi found her. frighte. This, according to Index, even includes his own good luck as they are the . Introduced in the first volume of the light novels, her role in the story was later expanded in the third volume as well as the release of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun . Takes place after Misaka Mikoto learns of Touma's memory loss and confronts him about it in the Acqua of the Back arc. I'm not good at summaries, sorry. Mikoto X Touma. net. Having done so Misaka Chēnsupinā will now leave. I did not read the LN but I am assuming that the romantic progression has stopped. Banned. Facing Your Fears. Touma answers that, even if she's a clone, she's the only Misaka 10032 in the world. I kept thinking Misaka ought to show up any second or if not, Touma showing up complaining about his misfortune. I want to help!” It might be interesting if Misaka can stabilize Index's health with some kind of familiar-like bond and Index becomes like a living version of the Book of the Vishanti (book of all the "good" magic in the world, possibly self-updating) and the Book of the Darkhold (book of all the "evil" magic in the world, possibly self-updating) with Misaka like the comic book version of the classic Doctor . But she had her hands full with both Accelerator, Last Order, and Misaka Worst. It was a great series but while I was on the internet, I learned Touma lost memories of Misaka in NT11. Misaka Imouto wanted to stop that boy from entering the test area. Kuroko then got serious. It was just like him, really. Words: 7,368. . This is just a little thread for To Aru Majutsu no Index/Railgun discussions. In a world where the majority of people have abilities called quirks, a white-haired boy gets stuck with a strange little girl. I want to help!” To Aru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Discussion (Archives) To Aru. She is unique and can never be replaced. Misaka will miss you, but not enough to try and stop you from going out to party it up with your friends. by Hongduc098. ” As Kamijou watched, astonished, the girl seemed to turn into smoke and disappear before his eyes. Idea: Touma chooses one of the Misaka sisters in the end. I realized then that the Sister was actually saying goodbye to Misaka that time they parted for the first and last time. If All Might's OBD profile is up to date (I know, unrealistic assumption. "A-all right. Fanfic high Scholl DxD Mikoto Misaka, a fourteen year old girl met one of the strangest human being to ever existed. The DVD boxset was released on September 25, 2001 in Region 1 and September 24, 2001 in both Region 2 and Region 4 Index of power season 1 Index of power season 1 Magister Gaius, the learned court physician of King Uther Pendragon to whom he's assigned as humble page, teaches him medicine, coaches his magical self-study and warns of Uther's vicious aversion to magic Top 15 MLB Corner Outfield . A third season, titled Toaru Majutsu no Index III , aired in Japan between October 5, 2018 and April 5, 2019. #5. She is a powerful vampire and became the princess of Volturi. Misaka 10032 understands that misaka 10032 is not as interesting, pretty or well endowed as the others, that is why misaka 10032 is glad that touma greed! —this is touma's narration of things— this is current touma's thoughts how to train a certain scientific railgun chapter 10: Misaka mikoto dies and everyone is devastated. Kick his ass Railgun!!!! “Oh, Touma! It is so awful what the Church is trying to do!” Index cried like her heart was breaking. "All of you share bonds with that boy in some way or another, and so I present an opportunity. She is voiced by Azumi Asakura in the Japense version and formerly Teri Rogers and currently Mikaela Krantz in the English dub. At this point they are separate people, so I doubt his memory will be coming back, although he may get callbacks from his past self - things he knows or feels but doesn't know why. I recently read a fanfiction that I really enjoyed up until the ending which made me sad, it involved touma dying in her Finally got around to reading it, and Misaki is best Tokiwadai girl -_-. They also expect him to know things he does not know). by Andy Evan. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . Kamijou Touma suddenly remembered about Shokuhou Misaki. I want to help!” Blade. +3 more. Speed wise Gunha is the source of Toaru's Mach 100 stats. Misaka discovers the magic side and now the magic side wants her. Othinus realizes that Touma had come to understand her - something she was after all along. Index [LN/M] Misaka 10777 is pretty happy with the indirect compliment and the necklace. #acertainscientificrailgun #attackontitan #misaka #toaru (3) When Fiamma severed Touma's arm (LN 22 i suppose?) When Fiamma stole his imagine breaker and made his holy right perfect, he made a powerful strike to finish off Touma- that strike had enough power to split a continent in half but it didn't even scratch him (now i am not sure if it was Dragon's work or the invisible thing's work) although Touma forced his power back inside without hurting . 10/01/2018 – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Anime Listed With 24 Episodes. October 5, 2008. A strange lab experiment escaped its facility resulting in one of her sisters to believe she's also Misaka Mikoto. 1. ) Gunha casually shrugs off anything All Might throws at him. The main reason for this thread was. This is all good. “Oh, Touma! It is so awful what the Church is trying to do!” Index cried like her heart was breaking. What if touma memory loss and his meeting with misaki was planned by aliester Crowley so he would be easier to control. She is the fifth ranked of the seven level 5s. This was a good chapter, The Crows explain their issues to Touma, thus instantly making it inevitable he'll get involved. In addition to getting enough rest, these steps also After his memory loss Mikoto don't attack him on a regular basis, but when he 'first' met her by that broken vending machine he negated her lightning on reflex like he was used to her doing that. Sometimes. In addition to medication, a good sleep schedule and a stress reduction program are all proven ways to improve memory. Sent from and sold by Amazon. kamijou-touma. Crossposted on FanFiction. Touma Kamijou is the main protagonist of the the light novel, manga, and anime series A Certain Magical Index, a recurring character in the A Certain Scientific Railgun side stories, and the main protagonist of the franchise. Kamijou Touma and Othinus are transported to a medieval fantasy world by a mysterious girl and now they must find a way back. “Tell me more, Index. Two individuals from Our World, wake up in an unknown location. Kamijo is a student in Academy City, where people use science to develop supernatural abilities. Do they become good friends again? Do they still hang out? Just tell me everything I need to know about what happens to the relationship between Misaka and Touma. He's a major recurring character in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series and is one of the main protagonists of the entire series as well. Press J to jump to the feed. Touma was literally so unpopular and dull that no one actually noticed the change because they didn't care; or 2. 2008 - 2009. He tells Othinus to use Imagine Breaker better than he did, to restore her original world. Upon awakening in a rundown shack, around 10 miles from a massive wall that seems to span forever. When, the steam finally passed he lowered his arm and saw a sight he never even imagined. Mugino Shizuri. Because of his . You know, I always wanted her to interact more with Touma in canon. Mikoto Misaka lives her life surrounded by the morally corrupt of Academy City. He walked forward as he became enticed by her soaking wet body. However, due to the length of each chapter, updates take rather long to be published. Something strange is happening to Academy City's number 3 Level 5 Misaka Mikoto. Get ready for the feels train. When . May 21 c164 1 craytherlay. "Rescuer from the Other World", Yen Press: the Heaven Canceler), often mentioned as "The Frog-faced Doctor" (カエル顔の医者, "The Frog-faced Doctor"?) by Touma and many other people, is an exceptionally-gifted and benevolent physician known by those who were cared by him or informed . Aleister Crowley.

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